The NDIS in Nepean Blue Mountains

Woman teaching children how to play a keyboard


The Nepean Blue Mountains moved to full-scheme on 1 July 2016, after rolling out one year early for children and young people aged from 0 to 17 in the Penrith and Blue Mountains areas.

The NDIS timeframe for the Nepean Blue Mountains area was brought forward by one year by the New South Wales Government. The National Disability Insurance Agency  established an office in Penrith with information, linkage and capacity building services also in place.

From September 2015,  around 2000 families were able to receive supports through the NDIS. This included children and young people who, at the time, did not currently receive supports through New South Wales Government-funded programs.

Providing early intervention for children and young people, particularly therapy and skill development in everyday environments, promoted skill development, participation and inclusion of children in their communities, including learning and play-based activities and opportunities to play, learn and interact with their peers.

Early intervention allows children with disability to attend mainstream schools and participate fully in life. It helps families to promote their child’s strengths and abilities.

Partnerships with early childhood services local schools, health services and the non-government sector, enabled a collaborative approach to meeting the needs and goals of families, particularly as they changed over time.