Transfer of New South Wales disability services

The NSW Government is transferring its disability services to the non-government sector to support the Australia-wide delivery of the NDIS and enable greater choice for people with disability. The services that are transferring include:

  • specialist disability accommodation
  • specialist supported living
  • in-home support
  • clinical and allied health
  • centre based respite
  • services for people with complex support needs.

In February 2016 the government transferred the Home Care Service of NSW to Australian Unity. This service was transferred in full to ensure continuity of services. The success of this program laid the groundwork for the future transfer of disability services.

Why are services transferring?

The non-government sector has the flexibility and responsiveness to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in our communities, including those with complex support needs. Transferring disability services to non-government providers gives people with disability and their families more choice and control. It does this by supporting a vibrant and competitive disability services marketplace in NSW, where people can choose the services they need to live the life they want. It also allows the government to transfer every dollar of the disability budget directly into the NDIS, where it will be used to provide supports to people who need them.

Making sure services continue before and after transfer

The Government’s number one priority is to maintain the continuity of services for people with disability. The bonds people have with the staff who deliver their supports are incredibly valuable, so retaining the skilled disability workforce is vital for a smooth and safe transfer. For that reason, the staff who have been delivering government run disability services will also transfer to the non-government sector.

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