Selecting new providers

The NSW government is committed to providing people with disability the same levels of support during and after the transfer. The government has been consulting with people with disability and their families and guardians to hear and incorporate their views throughout the process of selecting new providers.

Key steps in selecting new providers include:

1. Developing the selection criteria

Engagement with clients, their families and guardians began with a series of forums held across NSW in late 2015 and early 2016. The purpose of these forums was to understand what people with disability, their families and guardians need and expect from their new service providers.

During the forums, residents, their families and guardians helped identify the following eight principles for determining a suitable provider:

  • mission and values
  • having a proven track record and critical experience
  • staff capability
  • staff management
  • local presence and knowledge
  • ways to improve service
  • commitment to communication and family input
  • financial stability.

2. Expression of interest from non-government providers

In April and May 2016, the NSW Government invited non-government providers to participate in an Expression of Interest (EOI) phase. Providers had the opportunity to:

  • explain which services they’d like to deliver
  • demonstrate their capability and capacity to run the services
  • outline how they would run the services. 

3. Meeting shortlisted providers

When shortlisted providers were announced, families were invited to meet them at a second round of forums. Residents, their families and guardians had the opportunity to ask providers questions and give feedback to the government.

4. Announcing the new service providers

Between March and August 2017, the NSW Government announced nine new providers to deliver accommodation, respite, in-home support and clinical / allied health services across NSW.

This page lists the providers announced so far and when they transfer.