Service delivery after the transfer

The highest priority for the government and the new providers is making sure people with disability continue to receive their supports during and after the transfer.

Unless they request otherwise, residents will stay in their current group homes and continue to receive the same supports. And since the government staff who deliver disability services are also transferring, it is expected that in most cases people will continue to receive their supports from the same staff.

New agreements for accommodation and living services

In the past, the NSW Government provided independent living services and accommodation services in group homes.

These services will continue, but after the transfer of services and the transition to the NDIS, they will be delivered by two separate providers:

  • a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) provider will look after property and tenancy management
  • a Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider will deliver onsite disability and daily living services.

Once the transfer of disability services is complete, residents will have two agreements – one with their SDA provider and one with their SIL providers. These agreements describe their rights and responsibilities.