Caroline and Friends pictured sitting around a park bench

The NDIS has allowed Caroline to be more of a Mum, and less of a carer.

The NDIS lets Caroline and Siobhan choose the right care and support that works for best for Siobhan, as well as the whole family.

Caroline has been able to return to work and commit to study, and loves spending more time reconnecting with old friends.

“The difference the NDIS has made to our family isn’t all the big things. It’s getting the right support for Siobhan to get out and about without needing me there,” says Caroline.

“She has so much more confidence and the more independent she becomes, the closer we’ve become.”

“It’s given me more time to spend with Siobhan’s sister, Shannon, which has really strengthened us as a family.”

“It’s often been a struggle to get the right support, but Siobhan’s NDIS plan has changed our family for the better.”

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