Photo of Kerrie and her son

Kerrie is a busy mother of three who also studies at university.

Before the NDIS, Kerrie’s little boy could not always get the right disability support he needed. Communicating was a big challenge for him, but thanks to Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI), he’s now thriving.

“Samuel doesn’t have a ‘formal’ diagnosis, so for us, being able to enter the NDIS was invaluable because it’s not based on diagnosis, it’s based on functionality, so we’re getting more individualised support,” said Kerrie

“The NDIS let us engage the right support for Samuel. We’ve been working with speech and occupational therapists, a physiotherapist and an educator to help him communicate and participate with other children his age.”

“Now, Samuel loves starting conversations at home and at school. He’s making new friends and is happier than ever.”

“The NDIS has not only supported Samuel’s development and participation, it’s strengthened our whole family. It’s empowered me to focus on all of my kids as well as my studies.”

“I’m studying teaching, and hope to graduate in a couple of years. As a teacher, my personal experience with the NDIS will influence my continuous efforts towards providing an inclusive educational experience for all children.

“The NDIS has opened up so many doors for our family.”

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