Ron is the father of two adults, David and Belinda who both have intellectual disabilities.

Ron and his wife Lynne have witnessed the positive change that person centred planning and self managed funding has made to David and Belinda’s independent living arrangements.

Ron and Lynne assist David and Belinda to manage their individualised NDIS packages and they have also mentored others in applying and managing their own self directed NDIS packages.

“Our kids are now adults, and while we’re not getting any younger, we’ve often worried about what’ll happen when we’re not around. Since joining the NDIS, things have changed,” said Ron.

“It’s allowed us to employ a home assistant, meaning David and Belinda now live independently in their own home – they’re happier than ever.”

Since the NDIS came to their area, Ron and Lynne have more time to enjoy their retirement – they recently went overseas for six weeks which they wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing before the NDIS.

The NDIS has given Ron and Lynne more piece of mind since David and Belinda have employed their own support workers and Ron now feels confident that they will be looked after further down the track.

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