Mobility Pathway talent pool

The Workforce Mobility Pathway is a talent pool. Hiring managers can fill positions quickly and easily with capable and experienced public sector staff from the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS). Below you will find resources and information for hiring managers and recruitment teams.

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Mobility Pathway talent pool explained

The following video explains how this talent pool works.  Watch the video or read the transcript.

Hear from people using the Pathway.

Watch the video or read the transcript.


Everything you need to know about the Pathway

The focus of the Mobility Pathway is about filling roles quickly and easily. The Pathway involves a two-step suitability assessment process. This document explains everything you need to know about the Pathway.

Advantages of the Pathway

There are many advantages in using the Mobility Pathway. This infographic outlines what these are for HR teams and hiring managers.

Pathway versus standard recruitment

This infographic shows the differences between standard recruitment processes and the mobility pathway.

Talent Pool roles

Hiring managers and recruitment teams can access highly capable candidates with a variety of transferable skills across a range of public service roles and grades. View the link below to understand what kinds of roles are on offer.

Overview for Hiring Managers

The Mobility Pathway is a sector-wide workforce pool. Hiring managers are able to access this group of highly experienced FACS employees when filing vacant roles. The link below explains the steps involved for a hiring manager when using the Pathway.

New resources and updated information for hiring managers, recruitment teams and pathway participants will be added to this page.