My Dreamin’ Circles

Planning is an important first step in getting ready for the NDIS. With the right tools, people with disability can think about their lives and the supports they need to live a ‘deadly’ life.

With that in mind, the ‘My Dreamin’ Circles’ planning tool has been developed, with input from Aboriginal people with disability, their families and carers.

The focus of the tool is to strengthen the person’s ability to choose their goals and aspirations and guide their life choices.

Using the Dreamin’ Circles, anyone can begin working out how to have a ‘deadly’ life.

Download a copy of My Dreamin’ Circles (PDF)

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Accessibility: Alternative text description for  My Dreamin’ Circles

Image shows 10 linked and titled circles that people can fill in with information about their lives. The circles use the Koori colours of red and black, while the background is coloured yellow. The image also contains four hands. Two of these hands are outlines, have titles and can be written in. Moving top left to top right, the circle titles are “People in my life”, “What’s deadline in my life” and “Who can help me”. This part of the image ends with a semi-circle containing the words “My future?” There is a hand at the top of the page titled “Listen up: what’s important to me”. Moving middle left to middle right, the first circle is titled “My life” and has several sub-headings: learning, culture, health, mob, work, housing, community, and money.  Continuing moving right, the next two circles are titled “What I want to change” and “What is stopping me”. The last circle on the right has several sub-headings: My dreams, my future, and my goals. Moving bottom left to bottom right the circles are titled “Things that I do”, “What’s wrong in my life” and “My action plan: steps to make in my life”.  This part of the image ends with a semi-circle containing the words “My future?” At the bottom of the image are three hands. The middle hand is outlined, titled “Deadly stuff about me” and can be written in. The person credited with designing the image is Elizabeth Ervine.

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