FACT SHEET: Information, Linkages and Capacity Building

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Information, Linkages and Capacity Building is an important part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

ILC will ensure people with disability can access mainstream services by providing information, training and support and will also help you move into the NDIS.

The NDIS will give you greater choice and control over the supports you receive and how you receive them.

This fact sheet explains how ILC will provide you with information, training and support to help you access mainstream services and get ready for the NDIS. These supports are referred to as Information, Linkages, and Capacity Building.

What is Information, Linkages and Capacity Building?

For many people with disability, support starts with having easier access to information. This means knowing where to find out about supports and how to access supports already available in the community.

ILC refers to the supports and services to help you:

  • Find supports available in your local community.
  • Access supports or join in local community activities such as study, sports socialising or other interests through Local Area Coordinators.
  • Build individual capacity through support such as diagnosis advice, peer support and skills development.
  • Access information, training and support for mainstream and community supports in your area.

This will be achieved by coordinating and promoting links between the NDIS and services within local communities.

Who can access and benefit from ILC?

All people with disability, their families and carers can access ILC supports. This includes people who may not need an individual support package under the NDIS.

 How can ILC help me during the New South Wales NDIS roll out?

ILC support can assist you to access information, resources and support as the date of the rollout in your area gets closer. ILC will be available in each area before the rollout date to prepare for the NDIS and support the community.

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