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This fact sheet is for people with disability planning to enter the NDIS as a participant. It provides information on what to expect in a first plan and how to prepare for a first plan discussion.

What is a first plan?

The first plan process enables a large number of participants to enter the Scheme in a short time while ensuring that you, as a NDIS participant, remain at the centre of the planning process.Your first plan as a NDIS participant will provide the supports and assistance you need now, including any additional supports for your unmet needs and your goals.

Will someone let me know when it is my turn to meet about my first plan?

Yes. When it is your turn to move into the NDIS, a NDIS representative will contact you, your family or carer by phone or by letter to confirm your eligibility for the Scheme and arrange a time to discuss your first plan.

What can I do to prepare for my first plan?

Before you enter the NDIS, you should collect information for your first plan discussion. This information could include reports, assessments and anything else that will assist with developing your plan. If you already have a plan you should collect that too.

Additionally, if you currently receive disability supports from the NSW government, you will receive a client dossier which will have your latest reports and information.

Who can support me to develop my first plan?

A family member, carer, guardian or service provider can support  you during  your first plan discussion.

Will I be able to talk about my goals and any additional supports I need at my first plan discussion?

Yes. During your first plan discussion, you will talk about your life and the supports you receive now and any additional supports you need. You will also discuss the goals you have now, and any goals you want to work towards in the future.

Can I still choose the service providers in my first plan?

Yes. You are able to choose who, how and when your supports are provided in your first plan. Your existing provider may need to continue to deliver some supports initially.

What happens after my first planning meeting?

After your first plan discussion, all the information you’ve provided will inform your first NDIS plan.  Following our experiences of the NDIS trial site in Hunter New England and early rollout site in Nepean Blue Mountains, we now have a strong understanding of what types of supports, needs and goals people with all types of disabilities have.

So, while your plan will be unique to you, it will be compared with other packages for NDIS participants with similar needs to ensure that the amount of funding and types of supports you receive are the best fit. Once your first plan is ready, an NDIS representative will contact you and let you know how you can use it.

When will my first plan be reviewed?

Your first plan will generally be in place for 12 months, but you can request a review of your plan if your needs change significantly. Make sure you review how your supports are working during your first plan and take time to see what your longer term goals might be.

Where can I find out more information about my first plan?

You can call the NDIA on 1800 800 110 and visit their website www.ndis.gov.au for more information on the first plan process.


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