Protecting people under the NDIS

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How will NDIS participants be protected in NSW?

The NSW Transitional Quality Assurance and Safeguards Working Arrangements outlines the ways NDIS participants will be protected and kept safe under the NDIS.

What does quality and safeguarding mean?

Quality and safeguarding are the practices and measures that are in place to protect people with disability and the services they receive. Safeguards include natural safeguards such as personal relationships and connections with the community, and formal safeguards such as standards, regulations and quality assurance systems that apply to individuals and organisations who provide supports.

Quality and safeguarding arrangements ensure people with disability are:

  • treated fairly and provided with disability supports, aids or equipment which are needed
  • involved and included in their communities
  • making their own choices about the services and support they need and who provides them.

Do the arrangements outline what providers must do for the NDIS participants?

Yes, service providers must:

  • ensure they deliver high quality supports at all times
  • protect participant privacy
  • meet the NSW Disability Standards or similar endorsed standard
  • comply with laws and regulations that protect NDIS participants
  • make sure the people they employ have the right skills
  • think about how they provide supports to participants and make changes to improve how they do things
  • have a good way of resolving issues and complaints which should not feel complicated for NDIS participants.

Do the quality and safeguarding arrangements outline the ways participants can provide feedback and complaints?

Yes. If a NDIS participant is unhappy with the services they receive or who is providing them or their rights are not being looked after by their provider, there are ways to raise these concerns, participants can make a complaint:

  • by getting in contact with their provider
  • to the NDIA by calling 1800 800 110 or by visiting the website at or
  • contacting the NSW Ombudsman by visiting

Additionally, NDIS supports, aids or equipment are protected under Australian Consumer Law. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission can provide information about buying disability-related products and services here:

Where can I find more information on NDIS quality and safeguard arrangements in NSW?

For more information – including details on how to become a NDIS service provider in NSW – please take a look at the following page on the national NDIS website: