Service Providers

New South Wales is moving towards a disability services sector where people with disability purchase their supports individually, replacing the existing block-funded state system.

It also expands access to support. At full roll-out, 140,000 people in New South Wales will be able to access supports, an increase of around 50,000 people.

Non-government organisations in New South Wales have demonstrated their flexibility, responsiveness, and ability to serve the most vulnerable people in our communities, including those with high or complex needs.

What is my role in supporting clients in preparing them for the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

Your clients will be eager to understand how and when they will move to the NDIS. As people they know and trust, you and your colleagues may be approached to give them this information.

You can continue to support your clients by sharing information with them and having conversations about the rollout of the NDIS. You may not be able to provide all the answers, but you can discuss their questions and concerns.

For more information on becoming a service provider, access the Provider Toolkit available on the NDIA website.

You can also talk to your Ageing Disability and Home Care contract manager about supports that are relevant to your organisation.

Information for service providers

Service Providers can find out more information by visiting the provider section of the NDIA website.