Building the capacity of the sector

Since 2011, the New South Wales Government has invested more than $30 million in sector and workforce development initiatives to support specialist disability support providers in New South Wales to successfully transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Sector development

The $24 million NSW Industry Development Fund was established in 2009 as a joint initiative of the New South Wales Government and National Disability Services. Service providers in New South Wales can access a wide range of online resources and face-to-face training and support via the IDF website.

The Organisation Transition Fund – comprising 81 projects worth $2.8 million in total – has been delivered to help NSW service providers transition to the NDIS.

The New South Wales Government will continue to work with the sector and the National Disability Insurance Agency to ensure that disability support providers are able to transition into the scheme, and that NDIS participants are able to choose from a range of high-quality, flexible supports.

Workforce development

The disability sector in New South Wales is set to grow significantly under the NDIS – increased levels of funding and more people receiving support under the NDIS are expected to create around 25,000 new jobs in New South Wales. The NSW Government is working in partnership with the non-government sector to expand the capacity of the industry and workforce.

The New South Wales Government has allocated $25 million for workforce growth and development within the NGO sector under Stronger Together 2 and Ready Together.

Our online recruitment and career development hub and targeted advertising campaign, carecareers, has now carried over 25,000 job advertisements and attracted over 50,000 applications. There’s also been over 2,300 students have attended projectABLE workshops to explore opportunities for working in the sector.

National market development

National market development work is guided by the NDIS Integrated National Market, Sector and Workforce Strategy.

The Strategy provides a vision for the development of a robust market for NDIS supports during the transition period.

A robust market will mean that NDIS participants are able to purchase quality, flexible services that best meet their needs.

It is framed around three action areas:

  • enabling people with disability to exercise choice and control over their support
  • developing a diverse and sustainable range of suppliers
  • building the workforce to support people with disability into the future.

The Commonwealth Government is responsible for the $146 million Sector Development Fund, which funds support and assistance projects for providers during the transition to the NDIS.

For more information, please refer to the Service provider guide.