Preparing for the NDIS

There are more than 650 organisations in New South Wales that provide supports to people with disability. These organisations will continue to have an important role  under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Providers will need to review and adapt their current business operations to take full advantage of the opportunities  of  the NDIS. This may include developing more flexible and innovative approaches to meeting individual participant demands while ensuring the sustainability of the supports provided within a competitive market.

The NDIS offers opportunities for providers to grow their business. In addition to a significant increase in funding within the disability system, providers that offer innovation, quality and flexibility will be in a position to attract new clients and deliver better services to their existing clients.

In preparation for the move to the NDIS providers should:

  • Ensure your client data is up-to-date and respond to any information requests from the National Disability Insurance Agency
  • Adjust your business systems to reflect NDIS arrangements
  • Support your clients during the pre-planning process
  • Brief and train your staff on the changes.

There are already a range of tools and supports available to assist providers to operate under the NDIS. These are available through the Industry Development Fund. A service provider guide is also available to assist providers prepare for the NDIS.

Information about funding variations to service providers who currently receive block funding for disability services from ADHC is also available.