Quang Nguyen’s passion for technology has literally given him a voice, allowing him to speak up for improving public transport for people with disability.

With the funding he receives from the NDIS, he’ll be able to make meaningful plans that allow him to not only build his career, but to enjoy more time out with his family and friends.

“The NDIS will change my life for the better. It will help me to get around and give me access to transport and communication. Without this assistance, I would have to stay at home and wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.”

Funding from the NDIS means Quang can pursue his dream of being a disability transport spokesperson, helping him build on his presentation skills and allowing a support worker to travel with him.

“I am trying to improve my life and the lives of other people with disability.”

“I’m looking forward to moving out of my parent’s house and starting my own business that teaches people with disability how to use transport so they will have more independence and can find jobs.”

“The support I receive from the NDIS will help me achieve these goals.”

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